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Breakfast Tan Christian T-Shirts for Men

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Buy Breakfast Tan Christian T-Shirts for Men and Donate!

At Malachi Clothing, we are a company committed to helping you share your faith and helping those in need. We decided to combine our two passions and create apparel that would accomplish both. With our clothing such as the Breakfast Tan Christian T-Shirt for Men, you can wear stylish clothing that spreads your faith, and also helps those in need.

How Your Apparel is Helping

How exactly does it help? We get the question a lot, and we are so excited to share the answer. With your purchase of the Breakfast Tan Christian T-Shirt for men, you will be making a donation to someone in need. We at Malachi Clothing will make the donation in your name. We even send you a free prayer bracelet with your clothing in the mail. The bracelet  has the name of the exact person whose life you made a difference in. We also attach a prayer request in the delivery as well.

Visit Us Online

Visit Malachi Clothing online at to read more about our mission and to see just how you can join thousands of others in making a difference globally just by buying clothes! Sharing your faith and helping have never been easier.