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Jesus Passion - Cool Christian Shirts

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Clothing With a Cause

Clothing With a Cause is a commitment Malachi Clothing has made with items such as the Jesus Passion Cool Christian Shirts. With our Christian apparel, we hope to share the passion we have for our faith as well as our dedication to helping others.

Jesus Passion Cool Christian Shirts

The Jesus Passion Cool Christian Shirts come in various sizes including Mustard Seed Small, David Medium, Goliath Large, and Goliath Extra Large. The t-shirt is in the color white and displays the two words Jesus and Passion. The Jesus Passion Shirts also feature a graphic design that is both trendy and unique. With your purchase of the shirt, we make a donation of a care package to someone in need. You will find out the specific person you helped as well when you receive the shirt in the mail. We include a prayer bracelet with the name of that person, so you can see exactly whose life you changed in a positive way. You can find other Christian apparel throughout our website for both men and women. Also, we have images and videos showing the work that we do and what we have accomplished so far.